Hi my name is lil’ Harold 55@ empteespace.org and i had a story i wanted to share with you. Not to long ago I went to the pharmacy. I was wearing my O.U. jersey and i came across a lady with a O.S.U jersey on. When I walked passed her another guy yells, “its gonna be a fight”. Laughing about it, we both gestured as if we was about to fight one another. We all laughed and the young woman and I started talking, I asked her if i can tell her my story? Once I finished speaking to her and telling her about the trials and tribulation of my life, as I was a burn victim in the 1957. She asked me if I could speak to her son who was also a burn victim. This young man had 95% of his body burned. I told her it would be my pleasure. As we’re walking to her truck Anthony which was the young mans name had gotten out the truck to greet me with a hand shake. You can tell he had some insecurities the same ones i use to see in myself. He shook my hand with his head down. I asked his age, he replied “I am 10 years old. I told Anthony, “people are gonna talk about you, ridicule you and put you down”. “You keep your held high and walk away with pride”.
Child birth is often considered the worst pain a person can go through, but as a three year old going through the combination of physical and emotional turmoil was very hard. I lost my little brother, I was in and out of burn units and not to mention the pain I experienced was very traumatizing. Growing up in the 50’s and being a burn victim was hard. Technology was not what its like today. I was mistreated by the teachers I encountered and also by some of my family members. I forgave all those people so the lord can continue to bless me. From the burns I was left with cataracts, glaucoma and a constant whistling noise in my head. Even as a child I would look in the mirror and understand why people was so cruel to me but thank GOD I was blessed with some of the most amazing people in my life to help me to over come and make it through some of the hardest times of my life. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have known how to forgive those that made life so much harder for me growing up. I thank GOD everyday because I was able to overcome so much.
Thank you for letting me share lil Harold 55 @empteespace.org