On July 1, 2009 I got a clean bill of health from my doctor. Once I left the doctor’s office I went to my sister’s house that same day and she asked me what my plans for the night were. I responded with ” I’ll probably be going to the bingo hall”.  Later before i left her house I said, ” Ya know what ill probably die in a bingo hall”, at that time is was completely oblivious of what was to come. On July 14 of the that same year, I went to play bingo I went to play bingo and with almost no warnings I fell out on the floor. A young lady that worked at the bingo hall ran towards me and began preforming chest compressions, and a  tall burly security guard that worked there was giving me mouth to mouth. After a while the ambulance arrived and they rushed me to South Community Hospital. At the hospital i was on life support, and my family was worried. I woke up  about two weeks later on a Monday. The doctor told me my potassium levels dropped severely. To prevent this from happening again a Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator. Once I was out the hospital, and about a month after the incident, I was back at the hall. The young lady that helped save my life was there an she asked me, ” Are you a ghost”, I said to her, ” No, thanks to you and The Almighty”. I went back a week later to find the security guard and thank him. I found him in a parking lot sitting in his ford F-150. When he saw me coming he stepped out of his truck and immediately went to the gun on his hip. I continued walking towards him and I said, “Sir I have a question,” I told him about what happen to me and asked if he remembered me. He asked me, ” Are you Harold?”  told him yes and he immediately shook my hand. He said , “you looked so different,”  I told him, ” that’s because I was on death’s door last time you saw me,” We laughed. He asked me how it felt to be kissed by a man, and i told him, ” It was the best damn sugar I’ve ever had.

– Lil Harold 55