Lil’ Harold was burned in a house fire at the age of three years old. He survived with burns to his face, hands, and chest. He was misused and teased every day by kids at school and also by his Elementary School teacher. In class Lil’ Harold’s teacher told him, “You’re too Ugly to learn”, put his desk in the corner of the room and didn’t teach him. Lil’ Harold never told anyone how he was treated, not even his  mother. He felt  if he kept how people treated him away from his mother it would protect her feeling from be hurt as well.

He held his feelings inside until he went to bed where he would cry himself to sleep daily. Lil’ Harold refused to look in dark windows and mirrors. Then came a girl, five years older, named Terri who became Lil’ Harold’s only friend. Terri was the help Harold needed, she helped him through the toughest time in his life.She later left to go to Junior High School, leaving Lil’ Harold alone again.

Lil’ Harold is now 55 years old it took him 51 years to feel comfortable enough to tell his life story. He decided to tell his story to help other kids who are going through similar life struggles.